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Does this sound like you...

“Writing a blog takes me 2 hours."

“Starting can be hard and I find staying in the flow difficult too.”

 “I really struggle with planning my content.”

“The hard work for me is the creative slant on my content.”

“I think I know what I’m writing and then when I post I don't get any clients.”

“Sometimes I get good reach but still get no clients from my posts.”

“I’m not posting enough - I don’t know the right times and days to post.”

“I’m not getting any inquiries from posts that I’ve done before.”

Don't waste any more time!

… stop banging your head against the keyboard and let me guide you through the content maze.

Introducing you to the...

The 8-week online program designed to overhaul your online presence, boost your profile and turn your content into an inquiry-generating, client-attracting machine!


Starting March 8, 2021

Content can be
HARD work!

Regardless of whether you put out content regularly with little to no results...
Or you’re inconsistent with your content (maybe once every few weeks) ...
Nothing seems to work.
Content takes too much time.
It's overwhelming.
And there's just so dang much to know.

A complete content writing course for business owners who want to: 

> Feel more confident with your writing

> Stand out online and cut through the noise

> Save hours of your precious time

Inside the course, you will follow a
clear step-by-step framework to give you:

> A crystal clear plan and strategies to get results

> Writing templates, frameworks, and checklists to get more inquiries from your posts

> Direct access to your very own content mentor to give you valuable feedback on your work (that’s me!)

> Techniques to get more inquiries pinging into your inbox and PMs.


Hey 👋 I'm Liz Campbell, The Word Stylist ...
I'm an award-winning journalist and editor, with 20+ years' experience, best-selling author of the book Wow Words on the Web, and I've been commissioned by multi-million-dollar companies, including Toyota, Harcourts Real Estate and LJ Hooker.
Writing amazing online content has afforded me 6-figure businesses, the freedom to travel and work from anywhere and sold-out programs, events and $50-100K launches. 
Plus, being able to write powerful online content has also landed me amazing opportunities like being an Editor-at-Large, guest speaker at hundreds of events, guest writer and partnerships with some huge influencers! 

Want to know a secret?


- following a proven framework

- using templates to save time

- and having a MENTOR guide you in the right direction - THAT'S ALL!

What else you need to know

🌟 Content doesn't need to be hard

🌟 Or time-consuming or overwhelming 

🌟 You don't need to do ads

🌟 You don't need thousands of followers 

🌟  Or a massive email list

🌟 You don't need to be salesy or annoying when you promote 

What you get when you join the Content 2 Cash content writing program

Unlock 10x
live writing
and Q&A sessions


Join the Live weekly
writing and accountability
calls with me where
we actually DO
the work together.


See magic unfold
with our automated
writing templates


Learn the magic tricks
with 50+ content writing
templates to write every
piece of content you need
using proven frameworks.


Get real-time
feedback on
your work


Receive helpful feedback
on your content in real
time + 2x implementation
weeks to get your content
written and published.


Gain lifetime access
to the program
and its updates 


Receive lifetime access to the
self-paced course. Plus access
to ongoing monthly writing
sessions inside the Wow Words
Membership to hone your skills.


When I started the Content 2 Ca$h course, I thought I had a clear idea of what I wanted to create.  By week four, I was blown away by the creative structure that saw me find a real gap in the market I was targeting.  I found inspiration and connections that led me down the path to developing a whole new product to help my clients. Liz nurtured the development of my Collaborative Content Creation project that drove sales and opportunities exponentially.  I’m very grateful for the lessons and still pinching myself for what I was able to create in such a short space of time. - Pip Rae, business owner and podcaster


Program Part 1: Trust, credibility and value content


 👉 Strategy SOSHelp, I need a strategy that actually works!

 👉 Foundational content: Wow Words, Fantastic Funnel Formula, Target Audience value-adds to get inside their heads, Magic Message frameworks

 👉 Ideas 2 Impact: Turning your inspiration and ideas into content that gets actual results and speaks to your audience

 👉 The Content Creator: 150 + headlines done for you in 5 minutes! 

 👉 Blog Planner: Organise your ideas and content into an easy-to-understand structure {Automated and proven writing process}

 👉 Automated Editorial Planner: Content planning for success online that's done for your in minutes!

 👉 The Word Styling Hourglass Figure - the step-by-step proven structure to write content that takes your readers on a journey all the way to the checkout!


Program Part 2: Lead generation content for more inquiries and clients!


👉 Blogging for business growth

👉 Writing emails that convert into clients

👉 The Social Media Standout Strategy

👉 How to create eye-catching images

👉 The Great Newsletter Writing Formula

👉 The 42-point Promotion Booster Strategy

👉 How to write copy that sells but isn't salesy, icky and annoying!

Psst...I have to tell you something

Our templates aren’t just ordinary Word Docs and Spreadsheets, they actually do the work for you.

1. Content Creator:  Type in your keywords and it instantly spits out 150 targeted ideas.

2. Blog Planner: Your first 3 months of strategic headlines, with keywords, in seconds!  

3. 12-month Editorial Calendar: Just type in a few sentences and it creates the framework of your next piece of content - headline, hook, body and calls to actions done. 

14-day money-back guarantee

Sometimes you may not know if a program is a right fit for you ... and that's ok, which is why we give you the chance to get in and have a go! And the reason the Content 2 Cash online course comes with a 14-day ‘do the work’ money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured.

If you don’t feel like the Content 2 Cash program is giving you the info, support, and accountability that I promised, and you've done the pre-course work, Module 1 and Module 2, just email me by March 21, 2021, and I’ll give your money back.

There are conditions. You need to attend the calls live or watch the recordings, and show me that you've done all the homework. 

Here are some real-life Wow Results

❤️ Lyndal had 20 inquiries from 1 promo post. She converted 10 new clients. This more than paid for her Wow School experience! She had a $500 product.

❤️  The same thing happened to Amanda! With $3600 worth of leads from her promo post! She had a $1200 service.

❤️ Pip had a strategy session with Liz, jumped off, made two calls, sold $15k in new products in one afternoon.

❤️ It was Janja who scored massive sales from a blog post she wrote! She got two new awesome business besties from that post and $4000! And you can too!

❤️ Or you can be like Paul who didn’t give up … He credits everything he has done online to Wow School (6-figure deals, guest posting position, winning sales copy, people know who he is, page one of google in 1 month).

Content 2 Cash IS the right fit for you, even if: 

✔ You feel like you are not the best writer 

✔ You don't think you have time or are too busy to write content

✔ You don't feel confident enough to put herself out there

✔ You feel like you've tried #allthethings

✔ You get distracted easily by shiny objects!

Ignore what you’ve experienced in the past. 
There is a way to write content simply and successfully … 
and you can have a whole LOT of fun doing it.

I've been thinking of my business and how I would like to write a blog each Monday and then my internal feeling was that it wouldn’t work. The more I thought about it, the more I started thinking that I should write a bit each day. That led me to remember you and your course. It might have been a while ago since I did your course, but some things just stuck. Thanks for being awesome. 


Julie, VA services