Calling all business owners, consultants, coaches, authors, and course creators:

Do you want to write captivating content that leads to consistent inquiries and loyal clients?

"This course is AMAZING!" - Kim Guthrie, wellness coach

How would you like to ...

- Have the confidence to write content that lands bigger and better opportunities to grow your business?

- Know that your content is working behind the scenes to attract top-quality clients and a regular stream of leads to you?

- Develop your copywriting skills and processes to free up your time so that you can enjoy socialising, travelling, or focusing on your passion projects?

Without being hindered by a...

- Lack of time
- Lack of money
- Lack of specialised skills
- Lack of confidence and self-belief

Your content should be a lead magnet that
attracts clients. With a bigger client base,
you’ll have more money, freedom and
flexibility to grow your business and
do more of  the things you love.

So how can you achieve that?

Enter the Writing For Results
4-week course

Where I’ll teach you how to confidently write content that adds to your bottom line. In just 4 weeks, you’ll have the writing tools to generate more leads, inquiries and clients!

Writing For Results was created to help you be

More Confident

Once you see the results from your content, that is more leads and sales, you’ll feel confident knowing you can recreate these results consistently for any product, service or project.

More Productive

With the right structures, frameworks and formulas to follow, you'll have more time to focus on other tasks to grow your business (and lead the life you've always desired).

More Successful

With professional training, you’ll know how to create top-quality content every time. You can become the thought leader of your industry, which can lead to bigger opportunities.

So you can experience...

- The ability to find and transform ideas into hot topics that resonate with your target market. 

- The skills and know-how to supercharge your copy for business growth and ongoing success. 

- The joy that comes from writing impactful content that attracts your ideal clients.

- Increased sales that pad out your bottom line and provide that added freedom and flexibility.

It's for you if you are a business owner,
coach, consultant or course creator and...

>>> you just don't know how to come up with the right ideas to write about

>>> you find writing time-consuming

>>> you don't know how to write conversationally or persuasively

>>> and you don't know how to write a post that shares your amazing offers! 

The content inside the course is designed to be...

😍 Easy: 
Cut your writing time in half and get results faster than ever before with succinct frameworks and trainings.

😍 Affordable: The program will not burn a hole in your pocket.

😍 Flexible: You’ll have the tools and templates you need on hand as your business grows and changes.

Here's what you can look forward to learning and doing:

Week 1: PLAN

Hot Topics List (personalised to your business)

How to write for your specific target audience

Wow Words and keywords

3 and 12-month plans (automatically generated for you!)

Week 2: WRITE

4x types of content you need for a powerful online presence

The 4-step Hourglass Figure writing framework BREAKDOWN

Content Deck step-by-step "Write with Liz" training - how to write a blog!


Why promotion is your content's best friend & the Easy Promo Plan so you never miss an opportunity

How to restyle a blog into social media posts, emails and other blogs

How to write a promo post that doubles your leads and sales!

Week 4: GROW

Lead generation list of go-to tools for your business

The Results Boosters - Social Media Strategies, Events Strategies, Live Video Strategies and Sales Strategies to get more leads, clients and repeat business.

“I’m in Liz’s “Write For Results” foundation program and I have already seen sales results!!! I am planning my written content and using CTAs to get leads, customers and engagement. Thanks so much, Liz!”
Rebecca Kelly, Reignite Reality
“I would highly recommend Liz, as The Word Stylist, who keeps it real and easy to understand. She's generous and knows how to get you excited to get those results. Before I started this course (Writing For Results), I was struggling to find ways to come up with engaging content.  I now have so much clarity and am creating content easily. I'm loving working with Liz and so glad I joined Wow School. Best investment I've ever made.  Thanks Liz!” 
Dee Wells, Soul Whispers by Dee

How is the course presented?

The course is delivered through videos, webinar trainings, templates and strategy guides (PDFs).

If you have questions or content you want us to look at, you simply put it into a comment in that section of the course and Liz and her team will personally respond.


What else do you get?

  • Writing For Results is a self-paced, 4-week course
  • Forever access to the course with all updates and extras included
  • 2x live Q&A sessions every month! FOREVER!
  • Private Facebook group to test your copy and get feedback
  • Experts on hand to help in all areas of content!

By now, you may be wondering who
I am and why I've created this program.

I'm Liz Campbell, The Word Stylist.

I’ve written three books professionally – and one much earlier
when I was four years old!

I’ve had 20+ years’ experience as a journalist, magazine editor,
and online content creator. I was a published journalist when I was 14.

I’ve worked with more than 5000 businesses to help them
perfect their copy and content writing skills.

Improve your skills and confidence!

"My writing has improved out of sight and I now have confidence in expressing my ideas, sharing my voice through my writing." - Lauren Bell, author and wealth coach


Use easy-to-implement strategies


“I knew Liz was the master when it came to shaping content to make it pop and making it read so much better. I invested with Liz because I had an idea for a business and I needed to learn how to write so that I could set things up as well as progress in my course content creation. I also wanted to learn how to make things so routine that they become as easy as getting out of bed in the morning.” - Jo Martin, Own Your Road

Create success with copy that generates more leads, inquiries and clients - starting now

“I just sold another two $7500 programs thanks to your content strategies” - Pip Rae, podcaster

Why I created this copywriting course

Business owners, consultants, coaches and course creators wanted to know how I achieved such excellent results, like more leads, more sales, sell-out webinars, more inquiries, and ultimately, more clients.

They didn’t want me to write for them - they wanted to develop their own copywriting skills. What started a content writing business, turned into workshops, masterclasses and online courses.

I know that Writing For Results is going to change everything for you. These are just some of the ways my copywriting course is impacting lives...

Get straight to the point - no more wasting time with content that doesn’t convert

“Liz really gets you thinking in a different way. I find that I am already writing content from the perspective of my customers, which is actually easier than me trying to be clever. Thank you Liz for sharing your knowledge and this course, which I will keep coming back to as a wonderful resource.”

Ruth Carey, Enhancing Aromas

Write content to grow your business – without second-guessing yourself

“Love your energy, overall vibe, style, background, topics covered and professionalism. I want to learn and always want more content ideas to attract, engage and offer value to gain and retain clients, and that’s why I came to you. I also needed help to streamline and simplify my business content practices. Thank you!”

Bec Hassett, BLIS Collective

So Affordable!

“Liz Campbell's live sessions are fantastic as she has a concise, powerful method to get you moving and “unstuck” with your writing. Liz is an expert who is a fabulous writing mentor and trainer. I want to write more and more.”

Moana Robinson
B Styled for Life

Lifetime access to hone your skills

“Before I met Liz, I was very shy about writing let alone publishing online but Liz taught me great formulas and techniques that built my confidence and made writing very easy and natural. I have Liz to thank for a big part of my business development.” 

Sabine Armbruster, coach

The Writing For Results course is for you if you want to...

  • Easily put your thoughts and ideas into words

  • Come up with new content ideas quickly and strategically (but don’t want to always have to do this!)

  • Spend way less time  writing your blogs, emails and social posts.

  • Just want better results from your posts PERIOD! More engagement, leads, sales and clients!

Are you ready to...

Write content that generates more inquiries and clients?

And get the results that are worth the time and effort you put in?

Join me in the Writing For Results Course today!

Pay in Full


One-off payment


  • Self-paced, 4-week course
  • Forever access to the course inc updates
  • 2x live Q&A sessions every month! FOREVER!
  • Private Facebook group to test your copy
  • Experts on hand to help in all areas of content!
  • Access to Liz to provide feedback on your copy!

Payment Plan


6x instalments



  • Self-paced, 4-week course
  • Forever access to the course inc updates
  • 2x live Q&A sessions every month! FOREVER!
  • Private Facebook group to test your copy
  • Experts on hand to help in all areas of content!
  • Access to Liz to provide feedback on your copy!